Wet & dry hire heavy machinery & equipment in Cairns

Heavy Machinery - Wet hire machinery in Cairns, QLD
When hiring machinery from Terranovus there are 2 options to consider—wet hire and dry hire.

‘Wet' hire refers to equipment that is hired with a licensed operator, while ‘dry' hire means that you will source your own operator or work the machinery yourself. No matter which service you choose our team will provide the best service in North Queensland.

We recommend taking the time to weigh up the needs of your project before you decide which equipment and service to choose. Either way, we're always happy to assist you in your earthworks and hire needs.

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Wet Hire

Wet hire is a service of complete convenience. Our team will supply earthmoving equipment and the operating staff for the selected machinery.
Our operators specialise in civil works and construction projects. They are reliable, experienced and fully ticketed.
They are experienced in the use of GPS/UTS 3D systems. But trimble auto accugrade systems on our machines will boost productivity, with innovated technology for planning, design, construction and operation from the office to the job site.
Wet Hire - Wet hire machinery in Cairns, QLD
Dry hire - Wet hire machinery in Cairns, QLD

Dry Hire

If you want to keep your project costs down and have the appropriate staff to handle the job, dry hire could be the service for you.

Buying your own heavy machinery comes at a high-cost and if you only need the machine periodically, it can be hard to justify the expense. It's also a cheaper alternative if you have experienced staff who can utilise their skills to operate the machine for you.
Having your own staff operate the machinery means that you have greater control over the work. It also means that you don't need to bring a contractor up-to-speed on the requirements of the job and safety procedures of the site.

When you choose our dry hire service you'll receive equipment that is serviced, fuelled up and ready for use. We provide machinery delivery to most areas throughout Cairns and surrounding areas.

Equipment for Hire

Our latest addition to our fleet is a new tap Next Gen 323 excavator.

Delivering high production performance and CAT connect technology. Offering guidance for depth, slope and horizontal distance to grade, the CAT grade with 2D/3D system helps operators reach the desired grade quickly and accurately.

The E fence feature enables the machine to work safely under structures or near traffic by preventing any part of the excavator from moving outside operator-design set points.

At payload on-board weighing delivers precise load targets and increased loading efficiency to prevent truck under/over loading.
Our team strives to provide our customers with quality they can rely on. With this in mind, we ensure all of our equipment is serviced regularly and kept in quality condition ready for hire.
Equipment for hire - Wet hire machinery in Cairns, QLD
Some of our hire equipment includes:
  • CAT 140M Graders
  • CAT 320DL Excavator
  • CAT 321 DL Compact Radius Excavator
  • CAT 289 Skid Steer
  • Trimble GPS Base Stations and Rovers
  • CAT 304 CR Excavator
  • CAT 323 Gen Excavator
  • CAT 430E Backhoe
  • CAT 420D Backhoe
  • CAT 311 FL reduced Radius Excavator
  • CAT CS56 Rollers
  • Tri-Axle Float
  • Side Tipper
  • Trimble SPS 930 Total Stations and Rovers
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